Hardwood Flooring

At Carpet Craft & More, we offer hardwood flooring with a range of natural variations—from boards with extreme character, graining, and color variation, to those that are evenly colored and consistent. Beautiful and luxurious, hardwood flooring makes a serious statement in any home or business.

Hardwood is classified based on three main factors. Color refers to the shade of the wood and ranges from light to dark. Although hardwood color decisions are a matter of personal preference, homeowners tend to choose lighter colors for more contemporary settings and darker shades for more traditional décor.

On the other hand, character refers to grain variations in the wood that create personality. Construction can be solid or engineered, depending on intended application.

Eco-Friendly Hardwoods


A different type of wood flooring, bamboo offers toughness and sustainability. An environmentally friendly option, bamboo is rated harder than red oak and comes in an array of colors and styles.


A popular new trend in flooring, cork is made from renewable materials. Additionally, cork is durable, noise reducing, and sustainable, as the trees from which it originates can simply regrow the cork bark. Call today to view the colors and designs we have in stock. We guarantee there’s something for everyone.

hardwood flooring

Hardwood Installation and Maintenance

Helping you choose the right hardwood for your home is only step one. At Carpet Craft & More, we are by your side throughout the entire flooring process, from on-site measurement and removal of old flooring to the final installation. Not only will we evaluate your floor and sub-floor construction, but we will also perform proper acclimation and moisture testing to ensure the end result is trouble-free.

At Carpet Craft, we understand that a new hardwood floor represents a significant investment. To that end, we help you maintain your hardwood for the long term by offering care advice. Additionally, we carry a full line of floor cleaning and maintenance products, including protective pads for furniture, to help protect your investment.

We look forward to helping you choose a beautiful new floor for your home.

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