Area Rugs

Considered a room’s “fifth wall,” the floor serves a functional purpose while displaying the family’s unique sense of style. To that end, area rugs can add both beauty and warmth to a room. And because rugs look great layered over carpet, hardwood, vinyl, or tile, they are excellent options for those looking to brighten up and invigorate spaces in their homes.

At Carpet Craft & More, we proudly sell a wide array of rugs featuring breathtaking colors and multiple shapes, sizes, patterns, and prices. Additionally, we offer both contemporary rug styles and ones that are more traditional. Stop by today to see what we have to offer.

blue pattern area rug

Choosing the Right Rug for Your Home

At Carpet Craft, we help homeowners select the best area rugs for their specific needs. Three factors to consider when purchasing a new rug are color, pattern, and durability. A lighter rug is ideal for opening up a room, while a darker one creates a more intimate feel in the space. While a bold or active pattern creates a focal point, a subtle one helps complement existing décor. Buyers should also consider how much foot traffic a rug will get, as durable, darker rugs tend to work best for families with young children.

Area Rug Maintenance

Maintaining your area rug is easy but essential. Along with vacuuming regularly, blot gently at spots rather than rubbing and avoid dry cleaning and bleaching your area rug. To maintain a rug’s beauty, use a hot-water extraction method on occasion. At Carpet Craft, we sell a wide range of maintenance products, including under pads, to extend the look and life of your new area rug.